Career Boost Camp | VSW Edition

Mastering Your Job Hunt Without Getting Stressed Out | taught by Crystal Henrickson & Annika Reinhardt

Course description

You're ready to make a career move. But the beginning leg of the job hunt journey can be a steep climb, with many turns to easily detour you.

But what if there was a simple, efficient, and stress-free way to approach your journey? This 4-Step Career Boost Camp will transform the frustration of the job hunt into a thoughtful strategy, giving you practical recommendations and a framework to streamline your search, while providing pragmatic advice to build your confidence.

Stop stressing out and take command of your career journey with our proven techniques, tools and resources.

By then end of this course you will know:

  • Where to find reliable salary information
  • How to write compelling accomplishment statements that get you noticed
  • How to create visually stunning resumes and cover letters in minutes, for free!
  • What methods to use to easily extend your network without killing yourself

PLUS you'll get access to over 20 templates, resources, and tools to help you decrease the time you spend on your job search.

What are you waiting for? Make this your career’s best year.

PS: This is the perfect way to get ready for Vancouver Startup Week's Career Fair. We'll even review your resume for you before the event! Totally free of charge because we think you are awesome. Limited spots available, book yours here.

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Crystal Henrickson  &  Annika Reinhardt
Crystal Henrickson & Annika Reinhardt
Your Dream Career Team

Crystal Henrickson, Career Coach

Crystal has been guiding people's career journeys for 10+ years. Her experiences span industries like technology and startups, non-profits, food and hospitality, cosmetics, recruitment and more. She's played key hiring roles for community and marketing positions in companies such as Yelp and Toyota BC.

Now, as Co-Founder of Talent Collective, Crystal spends her days coaching and advising career transitioners and workplace leaders to develop more meaningful workplaces.

Annika Reinhardt, Market Research & Negotiation Advisor

Annika has an eagle-eye for scouting amazing career opportunities and when it comes to salary negotiations, she's an expert advisor. She's sought after by large organizations ranging from tech companies to utilities, and universities for her compensation and facilitation skills.

As a co-founder of Talent Collective she advises clients on how to identify their worth and negotiate their best compensation package.

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